Package inclusions 


Domina Mystic Muse™ course

4th/6th - 13th June 2019

- accommodation for in an historic 19th century villa in tuscany

- the Domina Mystic muse™ diploma course taught by anne o nomis (including teaching on anti-houdini entrapment, pompeii techniques, vagina dentura, disciplnarian femdom, and a Dominatrix demands day.)

- all meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the fees

- equipment of curated items chosen by anne o nomis to each attendee

- mid-week overnight trip to the famous cinque terre (five villages) with hiking (or opt out and spend time in village)

- free time & social time with special themed evenings - sausages & skin (latex), velvet & lace, night of the huntress, and a bacchanalian honouring the ancient mystical tradition.

Overnight trip to Cinque Terre - with hiking in the famed “five villages”

Overnight trip to Cinque Terre - with hiking in the famed “five villages”

Day tour to Medieval Torture Museum, lunch in Tuscan winery, and afternoon trip to Lucca 

On hearing from one of last year's Villa Domme attendees that there was a torture museum in the South of Tuscany, Anne couldn't help but want to include it in this year's special Villa Domme itinerary. A private air-conditioned bus will take attendees to Lucca (updated) to visit the Medieval Torture museum, followed by a short trip to Lucca and lunch at a beautiful Tuscan winery, before returning late-afternoon to Villa Domme.


All meals and drinks included.

Breakfast is served by subs from 7.30 - 9.30 am, so you can flexibly rise when you wish. It comprises fresh pastries, fresh bread and toast, condiments, fresh fruit, yogurt, cereal, cheese platter, cold meats platter, eggs cooked on-demand by subs. 

Lunches and dinners are fully-catered at Villa Domme, and take in local Tuscan cuisine as well as catering for special dietary requests including vegetarians / pescetarians.

Two special meals have been arranged by Anne also, in local restaurants within the village which is a few minutes walk from Villa Domme. 

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Book by Anne O Nomis.png

Use of equipment, special ritual box, and Mistressery booklet by Anne O Nomis (with Dominatrix Discipline Training & Protocol)

Large-scale specialized equipment has been planned and made months in advance, and shipped across to Villa Domme. This year's inspiration has been taken from historical device bondage and predicament, as well as Violet Wand Ray and electrics, amongst the offerings.

Anne has curated a special secretive ritual box,  which includes a specially commissioned items from around the world.

This year Anne has also written a brand new text - Mistressery™ text. It has been one year in the making, and draws from historical material, leatherman manuals and underground S/M texts to create a unique work with wonderful application for training of submissives / slaves.


Prices for Mistressery™ course 2019:

* Dominant enrolled in Mistressery™ course - staying in Villa Domme (own room to oneself)

Early bird price € 3932 / Mid release price €4132 / Latecomer price €4432

* sub participation in Mistressery™ course - staying in sub quarters (own room to oneself)

Early bird price € 3432 / Mid release price €3732 / Latecomer price €3932

* FemDom + attendee sub share room (double or twin beds) 

Early bird price € 6432 / Mid release price €7132 / Latecomer price € 7532 


* Earlybird is for bookings made from 1st August 2018 - 31st Oct 2018; ** Mid-release is for bookings made from 1 Nov 2018 to 31st Dec 2018, *** Latecomer is for bookings made from 1 Jan 2019 to 31st Mar 2019. (Subject to places still being available; they may be completely sold out well in advance.)

No bookings will be taken after 30th April 2019 unless by exception by Anne O Nomis, as the course itself runs in June 2019.


For deposit, terms and conditions, see 'Application for Selection'.