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It's a hard life being a sub... 

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Walked all over by dominant women
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If you are considering putting in an application to attend Villa Domme, first consider these questions:


Do you accept to be held captive in a beautiful Tuscan villa estate full of Female Dominant women all in one place, in which women are always superior and in charge?

Do you accept being indoctrinated into a world in which Female Dominance is taught and reinforced via ancient Goddess rituals, tradition and history of dominant women, literature and art on powerful dominant women, and Female Domination techniques which reinforce their power over men?


Do you accept to be a good pool boy / sunscreen lotion attendee / fetcher of anything Female Dominants may desire - drinks, snacks brought over from Villa Domme, or be used as a piece of furniture or as entertainment to amuse Dominant women?

Do you accept to being a guinea pig or crash test dummy for all kinds of different experiments that Dominant women wish to put you to?  

Do you think you can handle one or more of the following activities - to make yourself available in class for particular days (note you do do not have to be into ALL activities - you will be able to express activities that are your hard limits, provided you have a generally open mind and an adventurous and curious spirit):

sub positions, collaring, chastity play, weight of a woman upon you, worship of the divine female, bondage, nipple play, spanking, impact play from flogging to paddles and canes, CBT ties and weights, sensory deprivation, body bag, pegging, AP by plugs and gloved fingers, transformation, chastity etc; fetish play and Female Dominant erotic fantasies enacted upon you - to the Ladies’ (and not your own) bidding. 

Do you accept that there will be chastisement and consequential spanking or other punishment for making mistakes or disappointing a Female Dominant while on the course?


Do you like to be walked all over and/or made to meet demands of powerful Dominant women?

Do you feel like you identify as one or more of the following:  submissive / slave / servant / sissy / toy / plaything / knight / devotee / worshiper of Dominant women?


Anne prioritises selection of subs / slaves who are attending with a Mistress / Dominant, or who are known by Anne personally, or who are vouched for by references from other Mistresses known to Anne and/or well-regarded Mistresses around the world. The reason for this prioritisation and vetting is self-evident: Anne does not want just anyone at Villa Domme, and she certainly doesn’t want anyone who is going to be poorly behaved, or rude / disrespectful, or come with expectations that their attendance and payment of course fees means that they get to demand what they want from Mistresses. (Absolutely not!)

Your boundaries will be respected, but the focus of the course is on learning and soaking in the environs and Anne’s unique teachings, and creating an environment in which women are empowered, feel in command and enjoy themselves and take their pleasure. Such a unique offering means that subs have in the past enjoyed themselves very much and have found themselves at the receiving end of Mistress’s torments, teasing, punishment and other attentions; however this should be taken from a place of appreciation and gratitude, and not expectation. And they also benefit from Anne’s teachings and often life-long friendships are forged.

Anne O Nomis is very experienced at understanding psychologies, undertaking vetting, and applies this to careful consideration of who she allows to attend.

It’s common for her to reject some applications due to not feeling that the submissive applicant understands what they are getting themselves into, or concern around their expectation level, or lack of references and basis to screen suitability for attendance.


7.30 until 9.30 am - Breakfast put on by subs for Female Dominants

Dominant women awaken at their leisure and make their way down for breakfast which is to be available between 8 am to 10 am each morning, involving laying out the provided banquet food items in an aesthetically pleasing manner as taught under the directions of Anne O Nomis and assisted by dear tom. Two amongst you will need to be scrambled for "egg duties" - being able to prepare fresh scrambled / poached / fried eggs or omelette - or tofu scramble (vegan option) to the specific requirements of Dominant woman, for which you will be taught technique.

Other sub duties: Subs will have opportunity to eat themselves during this breakfast time window. Some should also make themselves available to Anne O Nomis for helping set up the room, clean / polish / lay out equipment as desired and directed by Her, ready for the start of teaching. 

10 am (sharp) until 12 pm 'ish' - First seminar of the day

The subs will need to be available for practice and experimentation upon during Anne's lessons.

1 pm until 2.30 pm 'ish' - Lunch

Laid out as a buffet either outside alfresco (if weather suitable) or inside at Villa Domme. The Dominant women will additionally have a menu of a small number of items to order from, as they desire. There is also the option of picnic-to-go if any advise the evening before, to enable them to take advantage of the 12 midday to 3 pm gap to explore the countryside or visit the local village or town. 

3 pm (sharp) until 5 pm 'ish' - Second seminar of the day

The subs will need to be available for practice and experimentation upon during Anne's lessons.

5 pm - 8 pm (sharp) - Blue hour free time / aperitifs available

Blue hour free time is the time in which anything is possible - it comes down to the whims and desires of the Dominant women. 

They may wish to use you for practice, tease or torment you. They may want to rest in their rooms, to take some privacy and downtime to absorb all the info after a packed day of learning. Or they may wish to chat on one of the terraces lounging, with aperitifs. Two amongst you will be on cocktail waiter duty - available to pour aperitifs and present cocktail hors d'oeuvres. All subs should consider making themselves available to the whimsy of Dominant women wanting to play or tease. 

Equally, however, you should respect the Dominant women's desire or need for alone time as this is their free time / down time of the day, and given the intensity of the course, after a solid day being taught and practising, it is entirely understandable if they wish for some free time.

8 pm (sharp) - 10 pm (ish) - Dinner feast

Dinner is served at 8 pm. For some days this will be at Villa Domme dining room near the teaching and practice room, and on other days in the Villa's formal restaurant in the basement of Villa Domme, as directed by Anne O Nomis.


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Any further queries contact with your specific question/s.