Mistress training courses around the world

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I have previously written a blog post on Options for Mistress Training (here), which discussed options such as Option 1) Dungeon Internship, Option 2) Being Trained / Mentored by a Senior Mistress, and Option 3) Mistress Training Courses.


In that blog post, I mentioned that I intended to put together a list of resources of Mistress / Dominatrix training courses around the world that I know of. Well I have finally got around to doing so...


INTERNATIONAL - hosted in Tuscany (Italy) with International attendees from USA, UK etc.


This is the one-week course that Anne O Nomis (me!) teaches at Villa Domme in Tuscany, in an historic 19th Century villa originally built for a Countess, which is attended by students from around the world. This includes both aspiring and current lifestyle Mistresses and pro-Dommes, and subs and slaves. (In 2018, students attended from USA, UK, Sweden, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia.) The course is taught in English,

Everyone stays in the Villa which has 10 bedrooms, and slaves in 'sub quarters' which is a gatehouse a few minutes walk away within the forested property.

Anne O Nomis is the author of 'The History & Arts of the Dominatrix' book, regarded as the major book on the Dominatrix worldwide, and I teach at Oz Kink Fest, and the Dominatrix course at Passionfruit in Melbourne, Australia.

Website: https://www.villadomme.com

See also her author website: https://historyofthedominatrix.com




Mistress Simone and Damina Chi are the Mistresses who were teaching the 'Dommecraft' courses. Due to the FOSTA / SESTA laws, they recently announced they were taking down their website due to concerns of legality in light of the new laws passed until further notice. They had previously been offering the course for some years, and I believe turned out some well-regarded pro-Dommes who trained under them. Mistress Simone particularly liked my book 'The History & Arts of the Dominatrix', and we've had tweets back-and-forth over the years, although I've never had the pleasure to meet her in real life. It may be worthwhile writing to Mistress Simone in case she does in the future offer the Dommecraft courses again.

Mistress Simone Justice's website: https://www.simonejustice.com


Midori teaches 'Forte Femme' weekend intensive. I know Midori personally, have been her "emergency bottom" for a spanking class in London when her submissive was sick she phoned me to come in and assist. I've met her for high tea in Covent Garden socially one-on-one at her request, and I have done her shibari course back in 2009 in Melbourne when I was doing my internship at Dominas Realm dungeon. I feel her course is good for women in particular who are wanting to gain confidence in dominance, particularly in a lifestyle context, and want a comfortable not too scary setting. Midori has been around the scene for years and has written the book on Japanese ropes bondage, amongst other works.

Midori's Forte Femme website: http://www.fortefemme.com


La Domaine Esemar is the world's oldest training BDSM chateau, run by Mistress Couple, and it is based around four hours drive from New York. I have not met Mistress Couple in person, but she was featured with Domme Jaguar of Mexico, in my book 'The History & Arts of the Dominatrix'. Her workshop course in 'Dominance Development' is structured in a manner that derives from the 'Realm Arts' of my book.

La Domaine Esemar Dominance Development workshop: http://www.ladomaine.com/workshop/



Governess Elizabeth of London Mistress School

Governess Elizabeth runs two slightly different courses on domination; one geared to professional domination, and another to lifestyle domination.  I have never met her in person but she has wrote an unsolicited review of my book 'The History & Arts of the Dominatrix' on her website, and has tweeted that the book is one of her most prized possessions. (Awww, so sweet)

Her course offerings are here: https://www.londondominatrixschool.co.uk

Her blog post review of my book is here: https://www.londondominatrixschool.co.uk/school-news-views/2017/1/2/book-recommendation-the-history-arts-of-the-dominatrix


Mistress Absolute of London - also known as "Max Absolute" in her teaching persona

Mistress Absolute sometimes teaches classes at upmarket sex shop Coco de Mer in London, and also teaches privately and in group lessons. I know Mistress Absolute personally, from my time in London, and we have socialized together on a number of occasions. She appears in my book 'The History & Arts of the Dominatrix'. She has also written a book called "The Absolute Beginners Guide", aimed at newbie lifestyle Mistresses in particular, and has appeared on TV and ran one of the best well known fetish events 'Club Subversion' for some years.

Her educator website is: http://maxabsolute.com

Her pro-Domme website is: http://www.mistressabsolute.com



Anne O Nomis at the Education Salon, at Passionfruit in Melbourne

Anne O Nomis (me!) teaches a 'Seven Realm Arts' Dominatrix Diploma course of 8 classes of 2 hours, taught over 16 weeks. The venue is the Education Salon which is upstairs above high end sexuality boutique, Passionfruit Shop. Each week goes through one of the Realm Arts of the Dominatrix, as laid out in Anne's book and chapter on 'The Seven Realm Arts'.

Website: Look for the Dominatrix Diploma course at:  https://www.passionfruitshop.com.au/collections/events-workshops-consultation

See also: Anne O Nomis's author website: https://historyofthedominatrix.com


I will continue to update this blog post as I hear of more high-quality Mistress training courses around the world. 



Anne O Nomis