VILLA DOMME 2019 Mistressery™ course announced today

The VILLA DOMME 2019 Mistressery™ course is revealed today.

This last year's VILLA DOMME was a tremendous success, with attendees flying in from all over the world.

Fresh from my trip to the island of Knossos in Crete, my new course takes its inspiration from the Potnia Theron (Ἡ Πότνια Θηρῶν) - the Mistress of Animals, and her demonstration of female mastery - or rather Mistressery™. 

Mistress of Animals plaque

Domination implements had their origins in the Mistressery of animals, and even today this tradition is carried on by modern-day Mistresses' use of equestrian riding crops, bull whips, shackles, and other equipment originally associated with mystical power over, control and training of animals.

And so, having undertaken new research from ancient Crete, Anatolia (Turkey), the Levant and Mesopotamia, I wanted to explore the origins of Mistressery™, in Goddesses who held mystical power over land, sexuality, libido, abundance and chanelling an energy of vigour. Naked or semi-naked men appear on sacred vessels, bringing goods to the Goddess, as divine Lady and Mistress-in-command.

Minoan priestesses or Goddesses with snakes

Interestingly the notion of Mistress training being connected to animal training is also seen in 20th Century underground texts from the leatherman S/M scene and by Mistresses now deceased. 

With a slave attending last year interested in protocol, I have engaged in an examination of the early underground material, and put together a new book 'Mistressery™ for the course, which elaborates on slave and submissive training in these terms.

Also coming out of inspiration from my most recent course, an attendee mentioned to me about a Medieval Torture Museum, located a 2 hour drive from Villa Domme. This has inspired a day trip which will take in the museum itself, a Tuscan vineyard restaurant for lunch, and afternoon in Lucca. 

Medieval torture museum.jpg

It is my hope that the visit to the Medieval Torture Museum will help provide historic inspiration to a workshop on 'Dominatrix Duress' and Honeytrap 'a-lure', with predicament bondage and devices, taught at VILLA DOMME for 2019. The equipment brought over combines ritual instruments, historic equipment with contemporary (sterile) pieces. A more local trip taking in the Museo e Rifugi S.M.I with a world war hospital bunker underground, continues this inspiration.

I have as usual mixed together an alchemy of theory, psychology, practicum, opportunity for free-play and answering group questions and personalized questions, for all attendees.

The tradition of Carnival masquerade night continues at VILLA DOMME. We in fact found a print in the Villa's pool room of a spanking game, which has been there for hundreds of years. You couldn't make this stuff up! (Well you could, but we didn't.)

Called 'La Main Chaude' it was a game of 'Guess the Spanker', in which the person's head would be hidden in someone's lap, so they were unable to see, and had to attempt to guess the person spanking them. So naturally that had to get written into the programme. Alongside ancient and historical rituals, wine and revelry and rich discussion and play are always on the menu.

With the content curriculum now set down, I am excited to open admissions for VILLA DOMME 2019. There are 16 spots available, and his last year's course was a sell-out.

I look forward to hopefully seeing some of you at VILLA DOMME 2019 Mistressery™ course! 

Any questions or queries, email me personally at:

x Anne O Nomis

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