Carnival Dinner


Carnival and subversion are natural bed-fellows. A celebration accompanied by masks and dress-up, whereby everyday life is subverted, flipped upside-down, exaggerated or distorted, in a show of beauty and the grotesque.

It is very deliberate that one of the evenings at Villa Domme is scheduled to be a Carnival dinner. It follows a day of learning about Goddess beautification rituals, cross-dressing and transformation, androgyny and gender-fuck, which are part of the Dominatrix's realm arts.

Historically Carnival has been associated with the Christian pre-Lent period, in which prior to abstaining of carne - of meat, alcohol, sex about to be given up, revelling in the prohibited and the carnal (desires). 

However there is a much older tradition of carnival which pre-dates Christian times, and that is a celebration which reverses normal social order.

Masquerade provided anonymity and a veil of the face, for people to be who they wanted to and express themselves, including sexual license. While costume allowed them to embody someone or something other than their "normal" everyday performed selves. The fantastic, the colourful and the grotesque were celebrated alike, with performances of circus and burlesque.

At Villa Domme, everyone to dress up for the Carnival evening, for performances, merriment and revelry. 

Carnival Dinner is on Thursday 14th June

at 8 pm onwards, for Villa Domme participants. 

Anne O Nomis