The doubled effect of Florentine Floggers

I am very excited to have Florentine Floggers for Mistresses attending Villa Domme in 2019. Each year, I curate different items into a special kit which attending Mistresses receive. After all, it seems crazy to be so close to Florence and not have practice in the implements named after Florence.

The term itself is apparently a reference to historic Italian swordsmanship which utilized two swords simultaneously, one in each hand and without a shield; which is referred to in the modern era as "Florentine fencing". The use of two swords is recorded within the Marco Docciolini's treatise 'Trattato In Materia Di Scherma' (available in English as Marco Docciolini's 1601 Fencing Treatise translated by Steven Reich).

Florentine flogging similarly utilizes two implements; one in each hand. These should ideally be a twin pair of floggers of the same length and weight (and maker), thrown in a pattern together to rhythmic effect.

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Anne O Nomis
VILLA DOMME 2019 Mistressery™ course announced today

VILLA DOMME 2019 Mistressery course announced today!

This last year's VILLA DOMME was a tremendous success, with attendees flying in from all over the world.

Fresh from my trip to the island of Knossos in Crete, my new course takes its inspiration from the Potnia Theron (Ἡ Πότνια Θηρῶν) - the Mistress of Animals, and her demonstration of female mastery - or rather Mistressery™. 

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