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Mysteries of Female Dominance Realm Arts™ course


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Villa Domme, located in Tuscany, Italy

- taught in an authentic 19th Century villa in tuscany, italy 

- taught by Internationally regarded author & teacher, anne o nomis

- attendees from all over the world

- use of specialist equipment

- accommodation available on-site in villa domme (males in "sub quarters")

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Villa Domme was established in 2017, as a location to bring students together from around the world to learn the Mysteries of Female Dominace Realm Arts™. 

Author and teacher Anne O Nomis selected the place she thought would best suit her purposes - a 19th Century villa with ten bedrooms in a gorgeous setting in Tuscany. The house comes with a rich history. Originally built for a Countess in 1850, with commissioned fresco ceilings, it also housed the famous American author Mark Twain who lived here for one year. Villa Domme is located approximately 50 mins from Florence, and 1 hour from Lucca.

Villa Domme was taught in June 2018, to great success. Attendees came from around the world; from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, Hong Kong, Africa and Australia. And such a good time was had that many wanted to return again in 2019!

And so for the second year of Villa Domme, Anne O Nomis is offering two courses:

- Mysteries of Female Dominance Realm Arts Dominatrix Diploma course™ runs Saturday 1st June - Thursday 6th June (5 day course), with option to stay 1 - 2 nights further.

 - Alumni Advanced Mistressery™ course runs Saturday 8th - 15th June 2019. (7 day course)  

Each course has a maximum of 16 participants, with 9 rooms available in Villa Domme itself, and a further house for subs in "sub quarters". The first Villa Domme was a "full house", and we are anticipating this next year will be the same.

Explore the Mysteries

Female power and dominance is taught with Anne's unique approach - which is to draw from her archaeological knowledge of ancient Goddess rituals, and the history and arts of female dominance.

This knowledge is paired with psychology, techniques and practicum of the specialist craft arts of Female Domination. Large-scale equipment has been brought over for purpose, alongside bags tailored with Dominance texts and tools needed. Graduates receive a Mysteries of Dominance Realm Arts™ Diploma certificate.

The course is suitable both for women with a lifestyle interest in female power and its expression, and for aspiring and existing professional practitioners who wish to benefit from Anne's teaching and enriched perspective of Female Dominance.  

Males may also attend - if they pass selection - and stay in sub quarters, or may attend with their female Dominant.

Itinerary for the courses

Includes the Mysteries of Dominance Realm Arts™ course, with ancient origins in goddess rituals, presentation of history, literature and art of dominance, psychology, possibilities and practicum techniques, taught over 5 days and nights.

About the Teacher

Anne O Nomis is an archaeologist, art historian, educator and salonnière. She is the world-renowned author on the subject of Dominant women, and teaches and lectures around the world on BDSM and erotic arts. 

Inclusive package

The Mysteries of Female Dominance Realm Arts™  course is offered in a retreat style setting. It includes accommodation in the historic 19th Century Villa Domme (or sub quarters), meals, teaching, use of equipment and an individual bag of equipment, tools and course material by Anne O Nomis to take home.